Happy + Easy = “Haapsy”

Haapsy is a next-generation entertainment and lifestyle app. Haapsy uses blockchain and intelligent information processing to give you access to the hottest venues, personalized brand and loyalty rewards while protecting your privacy.

and lifestyle app

Haapsy has partnered with leading entertainment and hospitality brands during our application development cycle. Working closely with our brand partners, we ensure that Haapsy aligns with their needs and exceeds our user expectations.

“Our view on technology is that software moved away from serving the user. It became optimized towards the software provider and their revenue streams. It felt like the software wasn’t working for me as hard as it could. With blockchain, machine learning and AI working in composite, we have that opportunity to build apps in a way that serves the brands in their marketing mission better than before. While at the same time protecting user privacy and offering a better user experience.”

CEO Scott Richards

Khaled Khan
Khaled Khan
Chief Operating Officer

Mr Khan is an owner, founder and business leader with 19+ years of commercial experience in America, the Middle East, and Africa. Since 2003, Khaled has established multiple companies and joint ventures with the goal of being a leading firm providing support for the reconstruction of developing nations while promoting economic growth and higher living standards.

2022 efforts will be focused on developing new opportunities which will focus on disruptive technology geared towards blockchain, energy, and FINTECH.

Bradley Allgood
Bradley Allgood
Chief Strategy Officer

Bradley Allgood is the CEO of Nest Financial Group and Fluent. Bradley brings over a decade of experience leading product development, technical architecture, venture capital, blockchain business development and strategic acquisitions.

Bradley has developed numerous products for governments and blockchain companies, including core banking systems, digital identity, settlement security, and property registration NFTs.Bradley’s firm Fluent which specializes in blockchain payment has strategically partnered with Haapsy for the development of the application.

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